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Spring. It’ s that time of the year when between rainstorms, sun and wind… flowers start to bloom and the days are longer. Spring! I am always a bit surprised when nature wakes up. After months of greyness and cold,… (READ MORE)

Doodles, Doodles*Thought

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Porcelain plates

Although my Etsy shop is still carrying all my “Azul”  series of plates, bowls and tumblers,  I’ve been working on some new stock for this spring. Some new designs maybe some new colours and prints. So there is a little… (READ MORE)


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doodle practice and patterns in red

I thought I’ d share here too some of the doodles I have been posting on my Instagram and Facebook page. Pattern is not something that takes over my beads and ceramics only, but apparently also my doodles! So here… (READ MORE)


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Is it spring yet?

I don’t know if it is because everything seems -unseasonably- alive at the moment, with little flowers popping here and there, birds singing in the morning… but well… I really feel like spring. And I am working towards it with… (READ MORE)


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Sunny and dry you say…

Weather forecast for this spring: sunny and dry. Excellent. I get on with stuff that can be done outside… or better,  should be done outside to avoid a mess. So, I started to gather up all my fabrics. I have… (READ MORE)

Dyeing, Fibre Art, Green Life

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magnolia blooming

Eastern assumes a new meaning to me, in these years that I am in the northern hemisphere. It is really the resurrection of nature, whereas before -in the southern hemisphere- it was about the beginning of autumn. I see the… (READ MORE)


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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Spring time

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Spring time, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. It is coming! Spring is indeed around the corner even if this morning I woke up to frozen white fields. Now the sun shines and I am happy. Just saw… (READ MORE)


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flores7 Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita So many flowers blooming, so many photos to take!I jgave my first workshop on basic felting techniques on monday. They were all happy but I don’t know if Im cut out for teaching…too stressful,… (READ MORE)