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I’ m still here

Yes yes, I’m still here. Even though the blog has been silent. But behind the scenes, I’m still here.

Ceramics, Doodles

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Studio Life: Casual glories

Every ceramist or artist has his or her way of working. How tidy or messy your studio is. How you like organizing stuff. How you organize the process of your pieces logistically around the studio or what you do with… (READ MORE)


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Art fair

I know it’s been a while, but I have been hard at work. In a few weeks, on June 5th, I will be taking part of a very prestigious Art Fair in our hometown. It’s a small town, but when… (READ MORE)


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A few days ago I started cleaning up my studio. In November and December things were a little crazy and I was so focused on what was ON my working top that I hadn’t noticed the amount of dust and… (READ MORE)


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Play date

A few days ago, Kim came around to play. I wanted to learn something and she very generously and efficiently explained it to me even though I was going through one of those days when you don’t get one thing… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: painting

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: painting, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. These past few days I have been painting, and painting…and painting some more. Studio is almost ready so I have been painting with lindseed oil all the wooden beams inside, RotFarg… (READ MORE)


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studio, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Just a quick update on the building of the studio. All walls are up. Roof and floors will follow. We are planning to make a green roof (with plants) so we are still gathering… (READ MORE)

Green Life

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The Blue

The Blue, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. How about this color for the future studio??? Outside color I mean… I need it to be bold…no beige here. As you see this subject has kinda taken over my life! I wanted… (READ MORE)


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