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I have been busy for the past few months more with illustrations than ceramics. This isn’t new in my studio but because of persistent back pain, I’ve had to put the more physical ceramic work aside for a while, as… (READ MORE)


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doodle practice and patterns in red

I thought I’ d share here too some of the doodles I have been posting on my Instagram and Facebook page. Pattern is not something that takes over my beads and ceramics only, but apparently also my doodles! So here… (READ MORE)


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A little something for the weekend…

“To plant a garden is to believe in Tomorrow”… I’m not sure who said this (do you?) but I do believe is true. I know we are entering autumn in the northern hemisphere, but let it be something to put… (READ MORE)


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The weather is so soft and warm that I think all my bulbs are going to start growing in the garden! We spent some time today tiding up in the garden and just running around. Normally in January we would… (READ MORE)


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What else could come from Holland other than tulips??? Well, actually…lots of things…cheese!…as a matter of fact, I’ve been living here for 6 years and I haven’t seen one tulip field! hahaha maybe because I live in the south and… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art

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