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Tutorial on MOTS digital magazine!

[english, scroll down]   La semana pasada les comenté sobre la revista digital MOTS adonde, entro otras notas muy interesantes, hay una sobre moi! Bueno, hay tambien al final de la revista, un tutorial para hacer lapices o lapiceras forradas… (READ MORE)

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PDF files to download!

ENGLISH: Here it is –  Silk Hankies Tutorial, PDF file for download!  silk hankies-Tut ENG-PDF ESPAÑOL: Acá está- el tutorial de los Pañuelitos de Seda, el archive PDF para bajar! silk hankies- Tut ESP-PDF

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Tutorial con Pañuelitos de Seda o Silk Hankies

(english version was published here) He recibido ultimamente proguntas sobre como utilizar los Pañuelitos de Seda o Silk Hankies. Recuerdan que hace un tiempo atrás, hice yo un raconto suscinto de algunos de los productos de seda con los que… (READ MORE)

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Fibre Texture Tutorials: Silk top

(Español, mas abajo) Silk Fibres provided by: Mulberry and Tussah top: We already talked here about the differences between Tussah and Mulberry silk. I find both very easy to work with. Although not the fanciest of both, I like Tussah… (READ MORE)

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Fibre Texture- I Tutorial

Fibres provided by: I-How to use: -Merino + Tussah silk blend -silk noil texture. The merino + silk blends are always great fibres to work with. You have the softness of merino wool mixed with some shiny patches of silk…. (READ MORE)

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Fibre Texture – I: Fibre Overview

And so It begins… just to have a clear picture: Fibre texture -I Fibre Overview: *Animal fibre (protein based): -wool -mohair (angora goats) -llama, vicuña, Alpaca, Guanaco (animals from South America originally, Camelidae Family) -cashmere (Kashmir Goat) -camel hair -rabbit… (READ MORE)

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The Blue

The Blue, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. How about this color for the future studio??? Outside color I mean… I need it to be bold…no beige here. As you see this subject has kinda taken over my life! I wanted… (READ MORE)


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Woolly soap Tutorial

Tutorial for beginners.

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How to dye wool with veggies-Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I was always a bit scared, not sure of proportions and the rest. I read words like alum and creme of tartar…and froze not knowing precisely what that was (and… (READ MORE)

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Merry Go Round

Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little about their lives and art. We are group of 7 women from all over the world,… (READ MORE)

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