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Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Color pallette. Food. Comfort food! The amber tone of the sun.

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change of material… for a moment

This past weekend I had the oven running like crazy and when that happens … it can’t be rushed. It takes usually 2 days to rise to the desired temperature and then slowly cool off. And in the meantime, it’s… (READ MORE)


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Blast from the past, stepping up to help in the future!

These past days I have been trying to find a way to update, modernize, organize my stand at Crafts&Co, the brick and mortar shop where my ceramics are sold. I’ve never been fully convinced or happy with the layout. I… (READ MORE)

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Web Spins – Autowrap

It was due last week and I didn’t make it. Well, I had the yarn already spun but no photos and no weather cooperating…  so the yarn photos are still a bit….mmmh not so good. Following this project of ours… (READ MORE)

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Web Spins

  I wanted to share this with you for a little while but… one thing or the other kept me away! But here we are… Monika from Red2White and I have decided to do another “educative collaboration”. We both like… (READ MORE)

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Weaving colours

We had a whole day of snow yesterday. So we had a whole day indoors waiting for it to settle so we could go outside and build enormous snow balls. Having some quiet time, I took out the loom and… (READ MORE)

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I took some time off this week to tidy up my little studio.  I’m not the tidiest of persons so I have to make a conscious effort to stop, look around… and put things back in their place. I cleared… (READ MORE)

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Black to white

I spun some wool going from black to various shades of gray all the way to white. I wanted a nice soft transition between the shades and I thought I had done just that when I finished spinning the merino…. (READ MORE)

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Warmth in Silk and Wool

{español, mas abajo}   I keep spinning like mad… well, it’s quite soothing this spinning business. So it’s weaving. Probably because of the repetitive movements, one can just drift off in thoughts. This time I blended some merino with mulberry… (READ MORE)

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Judit Pocs short video

  Here is a short video with a lot of colour showcasing some of Judit Pocs creations. For those of  you who might not know her, she is a Hungarian artist who makes the most ellaborate and beautiful felt objects…. (READ MORE)

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{español mas abajo}     Last May, for my birthday, Mr Husband got me a small loom. Nothing fancy, just something small to replace the other small loom I had and which by now is completely weak and broken. I… (READ MORE)

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Back in the studio

Time flyes when you are having fun… and sleeping very little 🙂 Slowly I’m trying to go back to the studio. First day in there was used to clean up and put some order because frankly I do not know… (READ MORE)

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