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answering some questions…

After posting about this enormous wrap “Desert Stripes”, some of you sent in questions about how the materials had been used. I took some macro pics so maybe you could see the materials more clear. -I didn’t use prefelts although… (READ MORE)

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Brazilwood Pink

(espaƱol, abajo) A little while ago, as part of a collaboration with Sara from Sara’s Texture Crafts, I posted this tutorial. The idea was to make it in white and later on dye it so you could see the difference… (READ MORE)

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The pot keeps boiling…

Remember a few days ago I posted about this wrap or scarf made with silk and merino. Very light and soft. Well, I dyed it with weld which gives a very pretty yellow. Since I was experimenting, afterwards I dip… (READ MORE)

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better pics

I took some better pics today of the nuno felted wrap. I hope the lace which was nuno felted is more visible now (here bigger). Some of you asked how brazilwood looks like… wood chips… pic bellow! Have a nice… (READ MORE)

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Silk cap pure white

Silk cap pure white, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. These past days I have been working a lot. Do you have those days when your head just goes on and on non-stop and you have a million ideas that keep… (READ MORE)

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Magnum Wrap and Dawanda discount

I’ve been busy this weekend. All of a sudden everyone is celebrating their birthdays around here so we are jumping from party to party… which is fun. I did manage to squeeze in some work and I tried this gorgeous… (READ MORE)

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