It may seem like this website has been silent for a while, and indeed it has. Maintaining a website sometimes absorbs time from my hours in the studio and December was rather a busy month (many thanks to my clients again!); so the website had to be moved down in the priorities list.

In January I have tried to take things a bit slower as my life inĀ  and out of the studio has been a bit too hectic for my liking. But even if there are not many updates here on this website, you can always check more daily updates on my Instagram account. Maybe quicker and less curated, these are daily contacts and more “in process” photographs.

I have been working a lot more in my sketchbook and I will try to find some time soon to tell you all about it. In the meantime, just to wake this website from it’s hibernation, here a few illustrations.



  1. Adriana*

    Preciosas las ilustraciones, muy tiernas. Tomate tu tiempo. . . Abrazo desde Buenos Aires

    1. Mariana (Post author)

      Gracias!!! Estoy por mi otro blo en spanish mas seguido… mas relajado y menos biz

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