I always try to make something for our Christmas tree. Something small, something pretty.
This year I made these little tags on porcelain with wishes… I know, what a cliche…peace, love…. yeah. Unfortunately there are many people in the world that will be spending this holidays in refugee camps, under flying bombs, disease or just alone… hoping for some love. So.. Love and Peace I keep wishing.


These round ones are an exploration of surface patterns and decoration. Little stars, little hearts, butterflies, lace, dandelions, plants, flowers….


They are all white with a soft touch of blue. These whole batch has made it’s way to SafeMarket in Maastricht, The Netherlands. They will be for sale there for the holidays and later on, since these are not only wishes for your tree, but can always make good tags or little gifts, they will be listed on my Etsy Shop.


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